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Europe Travel as a Political Act: Don't let Fear stop you!

Being a Courageous Wanderer takes determination and willpower with a large dose of Knowledge

For a large part of my adult life, I was AFRAID to travel to Europe. Considering all of the world destinations I have traveled to in the last few years, this may be surprising to those who know me. Travel overseas seemed filled with obvious and hidden dangers to me for a very long time. Terrorism, foreign languages, foreign currency, crime, disease and Foreign People most of all. I was afraid to travel "over there" because I would be vulnerable and outside my comfort zone of the United States and the few Caribbean islands that I had visited so far.

As the years went by I could not escape the feeling that I was missing something in my life experiences. I love to travel and I felt that by being afraid to travel overseas I was reading a book that only had one page and I was reading the same page over and over. Finally, as I approached a Milestone Birthday, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take my first trip to Europe. That trip was a 12 day wonder of new sights, sounds, tastes, people, history, culture and amazing beauty that has stamped my soul forever. I have traveled all over the world since then and I have not looked back! I have turned my love of TRAVEL into a business now, where I invite others to step outside of their comfort zones and experience what life has to offer Courageous Wanderers like me.





Not too long ago I spent a Saturday afternoon watching travel expert Rick Steves lecture about travel during his Travel Festival event in Seattle, Washington. Of all the talks about travel that day, one of his lectures stood out to me more than others. "Travel as a Political Act" is a lecture everyone who dreams of traveling the world should see and hear. If fear or some other "reason" is holding you back from your travel dreams, watch this video by Rick Steves for real talk about why you should step out of your comfort zone and fulfill your dreams of travel. Once you watch, please comment and let me know what you think!

See video at this link below:

Travel as a Political Act by Rick Steves

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Sailing Through History

A trip thorough Italy, Greece, Turkey and France

As a child I had always loved Greek and Roman Mythology. Books, movies, you name it, I soaked it all up like a sponge. When I entered college, I majored in History in order to indulge in this particular passion even more. Years later, as I approached one of the "milestone" birthdays all women dread, I decided I need to do something 'BIG". After traveling to Australia 2 years before, I no longer feared traveling overseas. So once again, I chose to go out of my comfort zone and do something I had always dreamed of doing but had been reluctant to do before. I developed a way to combine my love of travel and my love of history. The result was my Birthday Cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean.

My travel companions on this journey were my dear Mom, my husband Reggie and by best friend since the cradle, Yolonda. I was more than a little surprised that my husband was willing to travel for more than two weeks with three women. But, since he never backed down from a challenge, he was game to go. I planned our itinerary with the utmost care. I wanted to see as much as possible in one trip, because I didn’t want to count on being able to return to Europe sometime in the future. I booked two adjoining cabins on a new Princess Cruises ship, the Emerald Princess, sailing the first week of May, just days after my birthday. We would begin our journey in the city of Rome and then sail to the ports of Monte Carlo, Monaco, Livorno (Florence, Italy) Naples, Italy, Mykonos, Greece, Kusadasi, Turkey, Santorini, Greece, Athens, Greece, Katakolon, Greece, Corfu, Greece and Venice, Italy. I booked hotel stays in Rome on the front end and Venice at the end of the 12 day cruise.

We departed Montgomery, Alabama on May 4th and after an uneventful overnight flight, we arrived in Rome on May 5th. Representatives from Princess Cruises picked us up at the airport and we were transferred through the Italian countryside to central Rome and the Marriott Grand Flora Hotel.


The Marriott Grand Flora is a four star hotel located on Via Veneto, one of the most famous streets in Rome, in walking distance to the Villa Borghese, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, many restaurants, and short cab ride to Vatican and Coliseum. After checking in to our large comfortable rooms, we headed out on foot to find some place to eat lunch. The doorman was extremely helpful and directed us to a small restaurant right around the corner. We dined on homemade pasta and some wonderful veal and wine. After finishing our meal, we took a short walk down the Via Veneto taking in the beautiful spring weather and smelling the oranges hanging from the trees that lined the street.



With jet lag quickly catching up to us, we headed back to the hotel for the night. Tomorrow we would set out early on foot to explore the treasures of Rome.

To be continued.........

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